Steve & Basile
Steubenville Festival
Tony Mougianis finally comes out of retirement and makes a cameo appearance!
Nick Riley and Niko Tatasopoulos
Check this out:

Nick with Christos Olympios.
Here is a video of him just goofing off:
Steve with internationally renown Greek Clarinetist, Lefteris Bournias
Guitarist Al Di Meola with
Nick Riley
Al Di Meola with
Jim Gregorakis

Festival Chairman, John Matsis
Susan Stamis
Before the storm
Our Road Manager, Ernie Kampetis
Makis Kutulas of Fotia
The Bay Area's Fotia
John Censored
Persiphoni...our bass-playing chick singer
Mr. Emcee
Our friends The Greek Compania!
Big Crowd!
Po,po,po! Tsimento!
At the Venetian
Jim and John take over Las Vegas
Two Greek Guys
A Tourist
Another Tourist
More tourist poses
Las Vegas Food Festival


Behind the scenes
Is he the only guy?
Ernie and Diane
Don't look at Jim's bald spot!
Costa and his Icarian friends
The Boys
Tsantiris on the violin
Nick and Art
Nychis on the violin
Leonidas Tsantiris
Non-stop dancing
More non-stop
Slow down!
They just won't stop!
I see Maria
Amazing resemblance
Mom always liked you best!
Bongo Boy
Costa says Mmmmm...
What key are we in?
Don't take my picture
Georgia and Mark
Leonidas Tsantiris
Nick....don't stare at the light!
Professional photography
The Dance Gigolo and Gigolette
After the show
Whose kid is that?
Our buddies
Hurry, take the picture before Jim gets back
John and daughter Maria
The Inner Harbor
At Fogo de Chao
Bring me more meat!
The National Icarian Convention, Baltimore, MD

Cathedral Ball
At Pittsburgh's Cathedral Ball
The "King of Cool"
Harry and Steve
Spiro and Foti

Costa and Steve take over Chicago
"Chicago's Billy Goat Tavern"
A life-long dream achieved
Cheeseborger, cheeseborger, cheeseborger...
Cheeseborger, Cheeseborger no Coke.. Pepsi
At the Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago will never be the same
Sharing the stage with The Larry Eckerling Orchestra
Wake up,'ll miss your flight!
"It all goes back to my childhood, doc."

On the way to
Winston-Salem, NC
Steve setting up
before the job
Sound check
You go, Eleni!
They start 'em young
More Koukles
Even more koukles
How they see us when they drink
The Annunciation Dance Troupe
Athenian Nights at Annunciation Church
Kostas Kazakos and Jim
Petro and Shara

Holy Trinity Food Festival, Steubenville, OH

Greek Night at Greek Flavors Restaurant, McMurray, PA

At the Lord Baltimore Radisson Hotel
Baltimore, Maryland
John trying to convince his parents that they didn't waste the money for his violin lessons.

Nick Riley & George Pachis
George Pachis & Giannis Ploutarhos
George Pachis (bouzouki), Nick Riley, Vangelis Yannopoulos (promoter)
Ploutarhos Concert
Madison Square Garden, NYC

Church Dinner-Dance, Durham, N.C.

Assumption Food Festival, Port Jefferson, NY

Our Friends George and Linda Lopos with the very talented and
popular singer Eleftheria Arvanitaki

Nick with Anna Vissi at Crobar, NYC

The Greek Company entertaining at a wedding in Jacksonville, FL with D.J. Astatos

Holy Trinity Pittsburgh Festival