Q: When does a party become a celebration?

A: When Deejay Nick-at-Nite is at the controls.

Deejay Nick-at-Nite is the perfect complement to the “Greek Company’s” music and adds the crowning touch to any event. He has a talent for “reading” the crowd and getting just the right groove going.

His selection of music can range from the most sophisticated of ballads to the funkiest of dance music. Emcee services can also be provided which can most certainly help to organize the event. Additionally, he can provide a wireless microphone for toasts and speeches.

The real test, of course, is audience reaction.

Picture this…the evening starts with a mix of quiet listening music designed to add a relaxing atmosphere to the dinner-hour…as the evening progresses, Deejay Nick-at-Nite plays music from a list personally chosen by the purchaser or left up to the discretion of Nick’s twenty years of experience (“reading the crowd”)…by the close of the evening, Deejay Nick-at-Nite has transformed what would have been an ordinary party into a real celebration.

Nick’s extensive library of music is second-to-none. His many years of experience have shown him the way to please even the most discerning tastes.

The Greek Company’s extraordinary deejay services can be purchased as an option if so desired. We offer package prices designed to make our entire presentation affordable. We fully understand that so many of the events at which we perform have a widely mixed crowd and it becomes important to please several different cultures of people. That’s why we provide the option of including a deejay. With so many years of experience, we’ve come to understand what leaves people with a feeling of enjoyment and celebration.

Contact us through our listed e-mail address for information about our packages.

We are music industry experts in creating wonderful memories.