Band Bio's

  Athena Batis
The newest addition to The Greek Company Orchestra is the lovely and talented Athena Batis.

Upon hearing Athena's interpretation of Greek favorites you would never know that she is a Pittsburgh native but instead believe that she was born and raised in our glorious Greece! Having been weaned on Greek music and singing in that style from an early age, Athena gives Greece’s most popular vocalists a "run for their money".

Athena can take the excitement level to a new high or make the sweetest ballad sound sweeter. And, when she steps off the stage and into the audience, even the shyest wallflower comes alive.

It's a joy to have Athena be a part of The Greek Company. You'll LOVE what you hear!


Nick Riley
A true bouzouki stylist who has traveled the country extensively with quite a few Greek bands, Nick has dedicated himself to this mesmerizing instrument called the bouzouki. Much of Nick's career has been linked to the well-known Nisiotes of Pittsburgh. Anyone who has ever heard Nick knows of his speed, agility and exciting presentation. He is truly a key player in the "Greek Scene"




Jim "Tzim" Gregorakis
The band's bassist also doubles on the bouzouki and keeps the tsiftetelli's rhythm white hot with his Toumbeleki (doumbek). Jim has been playing and singing professionally for over thirty years and comes from a musical family. His father and his three brothers entertained thousands for many years in the nationally known "Adelphia Grigoraki". And before him, his grandfather traveled the Grecian Isles playing the Lyra in the nisiotika style. Jim's association with his musical partners gives him a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that makes each engagement a treat.



  Costa Mastros
Emanating from Steubenville, Ohio, Costa has been the icing on the cake of several successful bands. The most recent of these groups was "Seismos", from the Ohio Valley. Costa's command of the rhythm guitar adds the finishing touches to The "Company's" music. The sweet sounds of his guitar are the perfect complement to both modern and traditional Greek Music. Costa's talent goes beyond the guitar. He is a fine drummer and percussionist and moves to the instrument that best completes the sound.
  Steve Lemonakis
Few bands have the luxury of a drummer as versatile and talented as Steve. With over thirty years of professional experience and a Masters degree in music education from Duquesne University, Steve can excite the biggest of wallflowers and make them want to dance. His hard-driving rhythms combine with the rest of the band to form a style of music that gets everyone moving. Oh, and did we mention that Steve is an accomplished clarinetist who specializes in the nisiotiko style?
  John Nychis
Throughout the late seventies and eighties, the Grecian Lads took the country by storm. Anyone who followed them either live or on disc knew them to be a driving force in Greek music. John's vocal stylings will be recognized immediately upon hearing him. He was the "trademark" player and lead vocalist that many grew to love. His inimitable keyboard interpretations of Greek classics set him apart from the rest. And his "old world" violin playing brings people back to the days when wonderful memories were created. As a member of The Greek Company, John brings his many years of experience and abundant talent to this delightful orchestra.

Jimmy Antoniou
Jimmy's passion for Greek music is the driving force behind his desire to perform. The Greek Company’s energetic percussionist clearly demonstrates this each time he plays. From the hard–driving rhythms that make you want to get up and dance, to the subtle percussive nuances that add so much to the band’s unique sound, Jimmy is "right there" when you need him. On occasion, you'll even hear Jimmy add a part or two on bouzouki and vocals.



Dr. Niko Mastros
One of the original cast members of the band, Niko makes the occasional cameo appearance. His ability on the bouzouki, keyboards, & drums is as masterful as his skill as a surgeon. When his schedule permits, Niko lives his passion in his beloved Greek music by joining The Greek Company. With more than seventeen years experience playing professionally, the "Bouzouki Doctor" has travelled extensively entertaining Greek music fans with his musical and vocal skills. One thing for sure, when Niko plays, he really "operates".